Wild Animals!!

Mr. Moose is $40.00

Mr. Moose come with free shipping.

He's a big love of a moose!




Baby Hats Are Here!!






Laminated Silly Monster Book




Mr. Zebra comes with free shipping!

Tulip the Pig!

One Dinosaur of your choice!

Two Dinosaurs of your choice!

 Knitted Lamb with free shipping!




Blue Alien w/backpack




Monkey with sleeping bag and free shipping!



Alex Bear with free shipping!

Knitted Elephant

Mr. Rooster or Mrs. Chicken

Mr.Snowman or Mrs. Snowman

Snowman Bro or Sis

Baby Snowman

Pocket Bunny

Mr. Penguin $40.00

Mr. Penguin comes with free shipping! He's big and squishy!







Baby Hats! 

I can make them in a variety of sizes from new born to toddler!!

$30.00 each, includes gift wrap and shipping.


Tell me the color and size, and I'll do the rest!

Monster Toys!















 Another Color Option! 










Tulip THE Pig!

She's 14" long, with a curly tail! So soft and squishy!

Cost: $25.00







The Dinosaur Family!

Pick a Stegosaurus (green), Triceratops (blue), Brachiosaurus (yellow) or Tyr Rex (orange)


They range 6" to 10" seated!


Cost: 25.00 each 















Lulu Lamb!


This is the softest animal I have made to date!

She measures about 12 inches long and 10 inches tall, but she is so floppy and soft that it's hard to measure! I can put a blue or pink ribbon on her, too!




New Blue Alien!


He is so cute and comes with his own working backpack!

He is soft and squishy and can be knitted in any color














Monkey Pals!

$40.00 ea

Monkey pals for boys and girls, and they come with their own sleeping bags!

A must for every child!









Meet Alex Bear!


He measures about 8 1/2" tall while seated, and overall about 14" He's soft and cuddly and can be dressed in sweaters of your choice of colors!











 Little Elephants!

Easy for little hands to hold. Pick your color, or let me choose for you!

They measure about 9" long

Cost: $25.00












Rooster and Chicken!

Perfect for your quirky friends! They measure about 9" seated.

Cost: $ 35.00 each










Snowman Family!

Mom and Dad measure 6", Bro and Sis are 5" and Baby is 3 1/2"

They have a cloth pouch of beans in their bellys to help them stand up!


Mom and Dad cost: $25.00 each, Sis and Bro cost $20.00 ea and Baby costs $15.00











Pocket Bunnies!!

Meet the Pocket Bunnies!

Perfect for little hands, they measure 6" tall.

What color do you want??

Cost:  $15.00 ea

Squishy Tiger $40.00

Squishy Tiger comes with free shipping!













Laminated Silly Monster Book

Cute story about the daily activities of Silly Monsters: What they eat (Monster O's), where they hide (under beds because they are afraid of YOU!), what sports they play and much more. It finishes with saying that silly monsters just want to be your BFF!

Book alone is $10.00

Cute stuffed knitted monster toys go along with the book. Each monster is $20.00

BugEyes is Green. Horny has the horns.

It It has three eyes on top, and Mash is the little blue one. Tell me what you want or let me pick!

Knitted Sea Creatures!

$25.00 ea

I have Angel Fish, Crabs, Goldfish, Colorful Fish and Turtles!







Itty Bitty Birdies!

They fit in the palm of your hand!

Perch them anywhere!

Just pick the color you want.

Cost: 15.00 each










 Mr.Zebra! $40.00

He sits 10"high and is made of organic cotton yarn.